Officer Bosarge with the MS Highway Patrol, spoke at our club meeting on February 28, 2023.  He talked about lie detector function.  He is one of two operators in Mississippi law enforcement system operating this equipment. 

He told us that he performs one or two test per week for law enforcement and some work for private entities which he charges between $150 to $250.

He was asked whether he could get a reading if the subject stays silent when asked a question.  Officer Bosarge responded he could not tell and had not encountered that situation.  He added that he always tells the subject to lie to him in response to at least one question during the  opening stage of the session.

Officer Ron decided late in life to become a highway patrol man at age fourty-four.  Most start in their early twenties.

 He rose to the rank of master sergeant on the road and then was asked to do lie detector work, which involved ten weeks of training.

An excellent presentation that had our attention throughout his speaking time.