On September 28, 2019, our Madison Lions Club gathered in Ridgeland, MS, to clean, season, grill, baste with Voodoo sauce over 800 chicken halves! You read it correctly. Over 800 chicken halves. This was our annual Chick-N-Go project. Included in the take-out boxes were one-half chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad and a roll.

The grills used that day cooked 400 half chickens at a time. Trust me, something to see. It was poetry in motion. Add to that the cooking pots for the corn on the cob.

Then, there was an assembly line to package the take-out meals. A well-oiled machine to accomplish this task. The final touch was each take-out meal was placed in a plastic carrying bag.

Helpers for the event were Madison Lion Club members, Metro Leos, family, and friends.

As we have experienced in the past, every take-out meal was sold and new friendships established.

Many thanks to everyone who made this event a total success.

(l-r) Greg Shows, Matthew Kirk Cooking and Checking Chicken Temperatures