In 2018, the Madison Lions Club had an eye screening at the MRA Elementary School.  The machine used in these screenings will either respond with pass or referral.  A referral suggests the parent make an appointment with an eye specialist for additional testing.

Eli Mason, a 4-year old student at MRA Elementary, was screened and the result was a referral.  An examination by an eye specialist determined he had a cataract almost the size of his pupil.  Incredible!  If untreated, he would be blind in his right eye.

As you can see fron the picture, Eli has a patch over his right eye.  The specialist recommend this first step before considering surgery.

This is the reason the Madison Lions Club purchased this eye screening machine.  Locate students who need a professional eye examination to catch an eye problem quickly.

The image included is Kristen Mason, Eli’s mother and teacher at MRA and Eli Mason.