On January 25, our guest speakers were attorneys Kelly Kyle and Elizabeth Wynn, who specialize in estate planning, Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Nursing Home planning, and Probate preparation.

Mr. Kyle received his law degree from Mississippi College, and has more than 27 years of experience in these areas, is a frequent speaker to many different types of groups and seminars, and hosts a radio show on these topics.

Mrs. Wynn also received her law degree from Mississippi College, and has been active for many years in probate law, estate planning, and Elder law.

Visit their website here.

You should consider this: Do you have to be wealthy to need estate planning? Find out why the answer is “No” and how you and your family can benefit by answering some very basic questions now. Maybe a few years ago it seemed a good idea to leave your estate to your children directly, but that can cause problems. What if an heir is going through a divorce, or involved in a lawsuit?  These are some of the many considerations adults of any age need to keep in mind as time goes on, and it is on topics like these that our guest speakers will spoke about at our meeting.

They are excellent speakers, addressing topics noted above.  Thank you, Kelly and Elizabeth for a job well done!