Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) and Globe HOPE (Hematology-Oncology Pediatric Excellence) a program of Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, are pleased to announce a new partnership to improve childhood cancer survival rates in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nearly 80% of children with cancer live in low or middle-income countries where, tragically, only 10% of children survive cancer.  In higher-income countries such as Canada, Japan, and the United States, more than 80% of children with cancer survive.  The good news is the world can be more successful at curing cancer in children.  However, much work needs to be done to improve access to drugs and treatment, train healthcare providers, improve facilities and technology, and address socio-cultural barriers to improve global survival rates.

Launched in 2017, Global HOPE is a transformational initiative that is improving the standard of care for children with cancer.  In May 2019, the LCIF Board of Trustees approved a two-year strategic partnership in order to build long-term capacity in Africa to treat and dramatically improve the prognosis for children with cancer and blood disorders in Botswana, Malawi, and Uganda.  This partnership will help strengthen the local healthcare infrastructure to effectively provide the multi-disciplinary care that is needed to care for children with cancer and blood disorders.

The partnership includes three components.

1)  LCIF funding support of U.S. $2 million over two years to support the development of infrastructure at Global HOPE’s centers of excellence.

2)  Engagement of local Lions in Global HOPE activities at the country level.

3)  Joint fundraising to expand the project impact through the addition of new partners.