Humanitarian service is central to the mission of Lions Clubs International.  As the official charitable organization Lions Clubs International,  Foundation (LCIF)  provides grant funding to support the compassionate works of Lions, empowering their service and addressing the needs of their communities both locally and globally.  Below are the six (6) types of grants along with statistics in some of those areas with the number of grants and dollars spent in January 2020 alone.

Matching Grants

Matching grants are for larger -scale humanitarian projects that help communities gain access to education, technology, health care, safe places for children to play, and many other life-changing improvements.  LCIF has issued 50 grants, totaling US $4,838,368 in January of 2020.

Lions Quest Grants

Lions Quest grants allow schools to establish and expand the Lions Quest curriculum. During January of 2020 LCIF has issued 6 grants, totaling 438,433.

Diabetes Grants

Diabetes grants allow implementation of projects that raise awareness of diabetes, expand access to care, and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed.  January 2020 LCIF has approved 10 grants, totaling US $647,451.

Sightfirst Grants

SightFirst grants fight avoidable blindness, provide care for those who are blind or visually impared, and develop infrastructure for comprehensive eye care systems.  LCIF has awarded 12 grants, totaling US $1,454,744 in January 2020 alone.

Leo Service Grants

Leo servuce grants allow Leos to plan larger humanitarian initiatives providing the opportunity to make a bigger impact.

Disaster Grants

Disaster grants allow Lions to provide immediate and continued support to victims of natural disasters through Disaster Preparedness grants, Emergency grants, Community Recovery grants, and Major Catastrophe grants.

So far in the month of January 2020 LCIF has approved 78 grants, totaling $7,378,996.