Earlier this month, central and southern Japan experienced historic and devastating flooding. Most severely impacted were Kumamato and part of Fukuoka, though communities far beyond have been impacted. In just six short hours, more than 15 inches of rain pummeled the area, triggering dangerous flash flooding and landslides. Three million residents on the island of Kyushu, a quarter of the population were told to evacuate.

When a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude strikes, we, as Lions, are ready to help. Right beside us is Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), our global foundation.

LCIF is currently partnering with Lions to provide U.S.$100,000 in immediate relief to children, families and communities suddenly struggling with every day needs….struggling to remain safe. Compounding the enormous challenge left in the wake of the floods is the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This is but one example of your tax-deductible donations to LCIF being used around the globe.